Pediatric First Aid

The Heartsaver Pediatric First Aid Course is designed to prepare people to provide CPR, First Aid and an AED in a safe, timely, and effective manner. The course goals include cognitive and psychomotor objectives. This course is for people with limited or no medical training who need a credential in Pediatric First Aid and is recommended for day care providers, babysitters and expecting mothers. Anyone needing or desiring a Heartsaver Pediatric First Aid Course completion card can take this course. Course is taught by lecture, video and student participation.

Course Details

  • First Aid steps for medical, injury, and environmental emergencies.
  • Recognition of pediatric emergency situations.
  • Review of the causes of cardiopulmonary arrest in children and infants ranging from choking, suffocation and drowning to traumatic injuries.
  • Optional topics include eye injuries, fevers, snake/spider bites, suspected abuse. Use of an AED for victims >1 year of age.
  • Learn hands-on with a manikin for one person to administer CPR to one adult, child, and infant.
  • Identification of the signs and symptoms of airway obstruction including proper procedures to dislodge and expel foreign objects.
  • Administration of an epinephrine pen.
  • Bleeding control.
  • Home safety review to child-proof your housing.
  • Recognition of potential S.I.D.S. situations and appropriate action.
  • Course meets the requirements for Pediatric First Aid with CPR, certification valid for two years.
  • Course meets State Certification requirements for Day Care Providers.
  • Course length is approximately 6-7 hours and student must successfully pass a skills evaluation on a manikin.