BLS Instructor

The American Heart Association BLS Instructor Course is designed to teach the methods needed to effectively instruct others in resuscitation courses. Heartsavers of Temecula Valley recommends that Instructors be at least 16 years of age. Course is taught by lecture, video and student participation.

Ideal Candidate

  • Motivated to teach.
  • Motivated to facilitate learning.
  • Motivated to ensure that students acquire the skills necessary for successful course completion.
  • Views student assessment as a way to improve individual knowledge and skills.
  • Committed to teach four courses in a two year period in accordance with the AHA guidelines and support the Chain of Survival in your community.


  • All prospective participants in an Instructor Course must have a current Provider status in the discipline the candidate wishes to teach.
  • All prospective participants in an Instructor Course must attend an Instructor Orientation prior to the course. The course director will schedule that date.
  • All prospective participants must complete the online component prior to the start of the Instructor Course.
  • Instructor Candidate Application completed.
  • Letter of recommendation submitted.
  • All prospective participants in an Instructor Course must own the most current edition of the required AHA Provider textbooks and Instructor’s manuals for the course they intend to teach and must have the appropriate toolkits.

Instructor Course Completion

  • Candidates must demonstrate satisfactory performance of lectures, scenarios, interactive case presentations, skills presentations, proper use of video-based learning, and skills in student testing, assessment and remediation.
  • Candidates must demonstrate a thorough knowledge of course organization; course content, including appropriate BLS skills; and Instructor responsibilities; as well as the AHA guidelines for the specific discipline.
  • Within six months of successfully completing the Instructor Course, the Instructor candidate must successfully demonstrate his/her teaching skills while being monitored during a Provider or Provider Renewal Course.

Course meets the minimum requirements for BLS Instructor with American Heart Association certification valid for two years.Course length is approximately 8 hours.